Mark Carpenter is a music producer based in Scotland. Taking influence from the emerging early 90’s electronic and triphop sound he grew up with from bands such as Orbital, The Prodigy, Lamb, Portishead, Bjork and The Chemical Brothers, his sound often involves soundtrack atmospherics mixed with heavy beats.

Nameless (also titled name.l355 or name.l3ss due to the name already being taken on youtube/instagram!) is a project focusing on sounds on the far end of the spectrum. Expect loud noise, garish colours and general extreme cheekiness. Originally created as an anonymous pseudonym… I guess it’s no longer an anonymous pseudonym to whoever decides to reads this text. Hello!

  • Featured music: A selection of content that I particularly like (as of today!)
  • As ‘Mark Carpenter’: All tracks produced under my own name
  • As ‘Nameless’: All tracks produced under the Nameless pseudonym


Q: The site looks hideous! What’s with your name in block capitals? And the adverts?
A: I know… I’m doing what I can with one of the free WordPress templates!

Q: What exactly do you do?
I have produced all music available on this website, which involves composing (writing the musical parts/songwriting), mixing (getting the track sounding good) and mastering (getting it sounding release ready). If it’s a remix or collaboration some aspects may have been created by someone else – check the credits for details!

Q: What kind of music do you make?
A mix of downtempo, trip hop, dubstep, breaks/breakbeat and drum and bass.

Q: Where can I buy or download your tracks/albums?
A: Currently all free, in exchange please spread the word! For downloadable mp3s message me at mark_anthony_carpenter@yahoo.co.uk. ‘Nameless’ tracks are also available for download in exchange for an email address at https://noisetrade.com/namel3ss

Q: What are the ‘preview’ videos I keep seeing?
A: These are short highlight videos created to promote my music on social media, ideal for those with short attention spans! If the full track is available then it will be featured on this site too.

Q: What’s a ‘remix’?
A: A remix is when you create something new using existing parts of another song – usually a lead part such as a vocal or melody make their way into a remix. Not to be confused with mixing – the process of getting a track sounding nice, or DJ mixing where records are transitioned into each other.

Q: How do you make your music?
A: Lots of software, lots of audio plugins, lots of knowledge gained over the years, and lots of hours! For those familiar with music tech, here’s what’s been getting most use over the past few years: Reaper for a DAW, VST plugins by Sonible, and the trusty Xfer Record’s OTT multiband compressor!

Q: Do you play any instruments?
I’m a songwriter and can write parts for a skilled instrumentalist to play, but I’m hopeless playing a physical instrument in real time. And even worse at singing 🙂

Q: I’d like to make a song with you!
A: I’m always open for collaborations! Send me a message, and if you have a particular genre/style that you have in mind, send me a link to one of your favourite tunes.

Q: The whole ‘Nameless’ thing hurts my ears and the garish videos hurt my eyes!
A: May be intentional.



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